Tax planning, management & advisory

  • Tax planning and management is not a one day or overnight job. RSA first does the in-depth study of client’s business, analyses the tax impact in every transactions, recommends the best solution for tax management and planning and monitors to see if the recommendations are carried out correctly.
  • Every financial transactions can have direct or indirect tax impact which without careful analysis and consultation  the client may not know and perceive the consequences more precisely and may end up making huge financial loss.
  • RSA provides a complete service for the Registration and De-registration under the Income Tax Act, of Nepal for all types of person defined under Income Tax Act, of Nepal.
  • Tax Implication Impact Study, is a systemic approach to assess minutelythe effects of the provision of the any Tax Laws in Nepal before or during or after any proposed business transactions.
  • RSA also obtains advance ruling (official interpretation of the provisions of the Income tax Act in respect of any ambiguity in the enactments.) on behalf of the clients.
  • With a objective to clarify the taxation laws of Nepal, RSA has a stand-by advisory services to the clients at any point of time.