Complete accounting support and outsourcing

RSA provides complete accounting support services which help you guide your accountants or account team to deliver true and correct accounting reports.

Under “complete accounting support and outsourcing”, RSA has been providing

  • A full time or part time dedicated staff to look after or to support the accounting function of the client
  • A senior supervisor checks and verifies the data for reporting purpose
  • Depending upon the volume and nature of transactions, we perform the entire accounting task outsourced to us by the clients.


Compilation of books of accounts

Statutory and regulatory provisions have specified mandatory preparation and maintenance of books of accounts. Some such mandatory provisions are imposed by Income Tax Act, 2051, VAT Rules, 2053, Companies Act, etc. One may be subjected to fine and penalty incase the books of accounts are not found in accordance with regulatory provisions.

Timely and accurate compilation of Financial Statements is essential for making appropriate business decisions. Proper compilation of books of accounts is vital for generation of true and fair financial statements as and when required.

RSA provides complete set of compiled Financial Statements in compliance with Nepal Accounting Standards (NAS) along with the Schedules and notes on Accounting Policies. RSA provides complete accounting and compilation of books of accounts, complying with all the relevant mandatory regulatory provisions.

Following are some deliverables provided by RSA

a.Compilation of Financial Statements as prescribed by the statutes d.Work Papers and supporting for Audits
b.Customized MIS Reports e.Notes on Financial Statements and Accounting Policies
c.Reconciliation and confirmation of various account balances