Regulatory Compliance Audit and System Audit

A growing body of regulation imposes enormous burdens on institutions to safeguard their information systems, transaction processes and sensitive databases. Among them are Income Tax Act, Companies Act, Bonus Act, Labour Act, Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act, NRB Rules and Regulations, Directives, BAFIO, Internal Procedure Directive by Tourism, Travel and Trekking Agency Regulations, etc.

For all organizations engaged in activities that come under the control of a regulator, RSA provides support, advice and assurance to help you manage your regulatory risks. Knowing and unknowingly the deviation from the regulatory provisions may occur during the operation of the businesses, which if timely identified, remedied and  corrected, will help clients from possible non compliances and its consequences thereof.

RSA not only provide regulatory compliance audit but also provides the system audit. System audit basically focuses on the compliance with the system practiced within the organization.