Tax advisory and support

  • Our history of service has always emphasized proactive tax analysis, with tax planning being a year-round consideration and not simply at year-end.
  • RSA goes beyond matters of tax compliance and work with our clients on an ongoing basis to maximize tax saving opportunities while minimizing tax liabilities. RSA/s entire professional staffs are trained to spot potential opportunities where a client can save tax lawfully. Our tax and audit specialists work in tandem to continually review our clients’ situations for new opportunities in light of changing tax rate structure and domestic tax laws.
  • RSA Tax services has five different parts

tax advisory


  • As an enduring support services to the client, RSA represents client to deal with tax officers on any matters, especially incase the Inland Revenue Office audits the income tax returns of the client or seeks any sort of clarifications by Inland Revenue Office.
  • RSA represents client at Income Tax Revenue Tribunal during appeals and before Income Tax Officer, whenever there is a requirement. RSA has experienced lawyers and tax practitioners in defending the client’s case on any matters.


Tax Planning, Management & Advisory

  • Tax planning and management is not a one day or overnight job. RSA first does the in-depth study of client’s business, analyses the tax impact in every transactions, recommends the best solution for tax management and planning and monitors to see if the recommendations are carried out correctly.Every financial transactions can have direct or indirect tax impact which without careful analysis and consultation the client may not know and perceive the consequences more precisely and may end up making huge financial loss.
  • RSA provides a complete service for the Registration and De-registration under the Income Tax Act, of Nepal for all types of person defined under Income Tax Act, of Nepal.
  • Tax Implication Impact Study, is a systemic approach to assess minutelythe effects of the provision of the any Tax Laws in Nepal before or during or after any proposed business transactions.
  • RSA also obtains advance ruling (official interpretation of the provisions of the Income tax Act in respect of any ambiguity in the enactments.) on behalf of the clients.
  • With a objective to clarify the taxation laws of Nepal, RSA has a stand-by advisory services to the clients at any point of time.

Compliance Monitoring

  • Income Tax Act, 2058 envisages the self assessment of tax. It means one has to assess his tax liability himself which has to be certified by the auditor. Auditor certifies the tax assessment on the basis of audit of the financial statement. Similarly, the tax office also relies on the same audited financial statement for the accuracy of the self assessment tax return submitted at tax office. One can imagine the importance of audited financial statement. Any apparent mistakes, irregularities or inadvertencies in the audited financial statement can trigger an inspection, review or audit from tax office. Thus a quality audit which has been done with due planning, examination, rectification and recommendation can definitely pass the tax office checks more smoothly than the one which is lacking the quality.
  • RSA Tax Audit service provides every tax payer a quality tax audit service that guides the client towards the most appropriate and correct way of maintaining books of accounts, supporting documents enabling every client to pass any checks, should there be any from tax office.
    a. Costing of any products and services d. Indirect taxes facility and concession provided to any specified products, services or industry
    b. Biding in any national and international tender e. Disposal of plants, machineries and equipments imported under duty free facility
    c. Inventory/ stock valuation f. Working capital management

Comprehensive tax returns and eReturns filing

  • RSA eReturn service takes care of complete eReturns requirements of the client ensuring correct and well calculated declaration of information well within the deadline. RSA eReturn service not only focuses at e-returns but also verifies the compliances with all the requirements imposed by relevate acts and rules, so that the clients tax risk is minimized.

Indirect Tax Service

  • Indirect tax (such as sales tax, VAT, Excise Duty, Health Service Tax, Custom Duty, etc) is a tax collected by an intermediary (such as a registered tax payer) from the person who bears the ultimate economic burden of the tax (such as the consumer). The intermediary/agent later files a tax return and forwards the tax proceeds to government alongwith the return.
  • Companies cannot afford to ignore Indirect Taxes as they affect the importation of goods, manufacture and service delivery and the provision of local services. Any mishandling in dealing with Indirect Taxes can cause massive financial loss. Indirect Taxes plays a pivotal role in
  • RSA Indirect Tax Service provides complete array of solutions on indirect tax applicable in Nepal. RSA service ranges from advising clients on the prevalent tax provisions to designing the complete solutions for the client. RSA has been advising currently most of its clients on indirect taxes which have helped in costing their products and services more efficiently.