Management Contract

It is a concept of outsourcing the financial controller/ CFO for the organization. We felt the growing need of it as many organizations are in the need of consultants that can not only advise but also perform and deliver the results implementing their advices and maintain control over accounts and finance. Organizations sometimes feel the lack of a leader who can lead, manage, control and report the financial department.

At RSA, we undertake management contract in following manner

How we do it?

  • Utilizing the available workforce and resources, the operational effectiveness of the company will be ensured to a reasonable extent. Wherever necessary strengths and synergies will be harnessed and shortcomings will be corrected, in due course.
  • The Management Expert having proven record of rich experience in the relevant field will lead operation Management under direct guidance and advise from “The advisory panel”
  • Complete support and advises from the Board.