Compliance Monitoring

  • Income Tax Act, 2058 envisages the self assessment of tax. It means one has to assess his tax liability himself which has to be certified by the auditor. Auditor certifies the tax assessment on the basis of audit of the financial statement. Similarly, the tax office also relies on the same audited financial statement for the accuracy of the self assessment tax return submitted at tax office. One can imagine the importance of audited financial statement. Any apparent mistakes, irregularities or inadvertencies in the audited financial statement can trigger an inspection, review or audit from tax office. Thus a quality audit which has been done with due planning, examination, rectification and recommendation can definitely pass the tax office checks more smoothly than the one which is lacking the quality.
  • RSA Tax Audit service provides every tax payer a quality tax audit service that guides the client towards the most appropriate and correct way of maintaining books of accounts, supporting documents enabling every client to pass any checks, should there be any from tax office.