Consulting , Advisory & Management

Advisory & Management services provided by the RSA include

Comprehensive business and financial planning, feasibility study and project report

We have long experience in developing business plans and doing feasibility study for various purposes including new investment, bank finances, etc. Such projects involve identifying and appraising the key factors driving profitability and returns. They require a keen knowledge of regulatory and competitive conditions, coupled with realistic judgments about the future of the investment environment.

All the business plans and feasibility reports prepared by RSA are used for decision-making purposes. Many are presented either to its clients’ main boards or to international or local financial organizations for credit purposes. Some of them includes Medical Colleges, Housing and Apartment Project, Printing and Publishing Project, Educational Project, Airlines and Cargo Project, Construction and IT project, etc

Regulatory Impact Analysis

All of us are exposed to the statutory and regulatory provisions, but one succeeds lawfully who thoroughly analyses the impact of applicable statutory and regulatory provisions and formulates plans, policies and strategy to comply with it tactfully.
Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) is a systemic approach to critically assessing the positive and negative effects of some or any regulatory provisions applicable to the client

Business modeling, assets valuation and financial structuring

Whether evaluating strategic options, new ventures, proposed transactions or existing operations, a financial model will be at the heart of the decision making process. Robust financial modeling requires a detailed understanding of the nature of business, precise objectives of the client, best practice, techniques, quantitative analysis and logic.

The Valuations team provides advice on the valuation of shares, businesses and related assets.

We understand how to report value according to accounting, tax and regulatory rules, allowing third parties to understand the worth of an entity, asset or liability and make informed business and investment decisions. We help to properly quantify and articulate value for taxation, transaction, financing, litigation for strategic management purposes.

Financial modeling applications assist client in decision-making process for

a. Asset/investment valuation g. Strategy/policy simulation
b. Business planning, budgeting, forecasting h. Tender evaluation
c. Capital/equity structuring, (re)financing i. Treasury management
d. Contract management and analysis j. Tax planning
e. Pricing and costing analysis k. Workforce planning
f.Financial analysis l.Working capital/ inventory management


Investment strategy consultation& financial solution

Strategic failure can be costly and impossible to rectify. Whether you are making a major capital investment, identify areas of growth or set a new direction for your company, RSA Consultants can help give you confidence in your decisions by providing you with concrete knowledge of alternatives and their embedded risks ahead of time. We apply an unmatched combination of data, econometric modeling, and industry expertise to align your key stakeholders on a chosen, fact-supported strategy. Only after gaining a thorough understanding of each client’s hopes, dreams, challenges, fears, issues, etc. do we propose tailored investment solutions that are appropriate for their unique situation.

RSA has helped its clients achieve financial freedom by understanding their requirements and offering customized solution that best suit their requirements. Over the years RSA has grown step by step, helping many people find ways to realize their dreams of expanding businesses or fulfilling financial requirements. With our dedicated team and business network, we built up with various financial institutions over years; we have gained in-depth understanding of the products and the clients requirements to assist you in getting the right finances. Our product offerings cover the entire spectrum of financial requirements.

System designing and developing services

RSA has been advocating clients on designing and development of “Accounting and Financial Control System” that provides a sense of security, confidence and comfort. RSA system development process begins with

a. Diagnosing the existing system e. Debriefing with the management on the draft system design
b. Analysis of each processes and function within the organization f. finalizing the system and practicing the system implementation
c. Inquiring the management objective g. System audit
d .Designing the system procedures that best suits the management objective

RSA System Development Services has been availed by the clients in the sector of trading and exporting business, international cargo business, IT related business, energy sector, tea processing business, tours and travels business, INGOs and NGOs, etc.

Management Contract

It is a concept of outsourcing the financial controller/ CFO for the organization. We felt the growing need of it as many organizations are in the need of consultants that can not only advise but also perform and deliver the results implementing their advices and maintain control over accounts and finance. Organizations sometimes feel the lack of a leader who can lead, manage, control and report the financial department.

At RSA, we undertake management contract in following manner mange

How we do it?